Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) offers a comprehensive Gurmat based curriculum called Sojhi; in the Panjabi language ‘Sojhi’ means ‘insight’. The Curriculum is oriented around the goal of developing insights to inspire a Gurū-centered life.


Gurmat and Panjabi schools across the globe are used as a means to impart Sikh spirit, principles, values, and history to the youth. While teachers and volunteers at these schools do their best in delivering Gurū’s message, still there is a gap between each school knowing what to teach and taking it to the next level of engaging children. SikhRI offers a strategic solution to this key challenge and also helps develop higher-order thinking skills among children through Sojhi curriculum. They share classroom and teaching ideas and strategies, share tips about classroom management, behavior management and effective instructional strategies.


Sojhi curriculum is developed and reviewed extensively by educators, child development specialists, and experts and scholars in the subject matter covered by the curriculum and it is widely used in Gurmat and Panjabi schools across North America, parts of Europe and Asia.


Currently SikhRI provides printable worksheets, lesson plans and power-points from Kindergarten to Grade 8, which are free to download on SikRI's education website ( Each grade is divided into two core curriculum: Boli (Language Arts) and Virsa (Sikh History). Curriculum for Pre-K and High School is under development. SikhRI welcomes feedback, comments, and suggestions on Sojhi curriculum. If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring a phase of Sojhi online lesson plan releases, please contact the Sojhi team ( for more details.